We've covered two of the important steps in the home buying process already (Hiring an Agent and Getting Pre-Approved), but those are really the preliminary steps you'll need to take to get the process started. Today we'll cover what the home search process itself will look like!

To begin with, we'll sit down (or call) and discuss exactly what you're looking for in your next home. Things like how many bedrooms you need, what areas make sense for your life, the price range we need to stay in, if you want a ranch-style or two-story home, how large of a yard you prefer, etc. We may not be able to find a home with every single thing on your list, but we'll do our best to find something as close as possible while staying in your budget!

We can go ahead and set up a search for you through our GAHomeSearch.com website so that you'll be able to get an idea for what's available on the market right now. Then once you have a Pre-Approval letter from a bank/lender, we can start looking more carefully at all of the listings to identify ones that would be a good fit for you and your family.

We'll constantly be checking the new listings and recommending ones to you based on the search criteria we'll have discussed. Whenever you see a home you're interested in, we'll set up a time to go take a look at it in person. Depending on what time of day we go, we can usually see several houses at a time. Our schedule is usually pretty flexible Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm as long as we have a day or two notice, so we can do whatever works best for your schedule.

In some cases, we'll look at 3 or 4 houses in an afternoon with a client and we'll find the perfect one that fits all of their needs. In other cases, it takes a month or even several months of looking at house after house until we find the right one. But regardless of how long it takes, you'll never feel pressured to buy a home that you don't feel is the right fit for you and your needs. Our job isn't done until you excitedly receive the keys to your new home that fits all of your needs!

If we haven't discussed what you're looking for already, we'd would love to call or meet you for coffee and find out exactly what you're looking for. Just let us know when would be a good time for you!