We're finally to the last step in the home buying process! The day of closing is always the most exciting! If everything goes as planned, you'll have the keys to your new home by the end of the day of closing!

Typically we'll set up a time an hour or two before closing for you and I to go by the home to do a quick walkthrough to make sure nothing has been damaged or removed since we last saw the house. Then we'll head over to the closing attorney's office to sign all of the paperwork!

The actual closing itself usually takes about an hours or so. Physically reviewing and signing all of the paperwork takes around 30-45 minutes, and then the closing attorney will scan and email the documents back to your lender for their review.

Once the lender reviews and approves the paperwork, they'll give the green light to fund the loan, which is when the money is actually transferred from the lender to the seller. Once that happens, you'll officially be the new owner of the home!

At that point, you'll have completed the entire home buying process. But we'll be staying in touch after that too! We're always available to answer any questions you have, provide recommendations for home services, and help in any way that we can!