Selling your home. It’s your most valuable asset, which means you want to make sure the company representing you in selling it has the knowledge and expertise it requires.

At first glance, selling a home may seem as simple as putting up a sign and waiting for a buyer to come along. And sadly, that’s the approach many real estate companies take. But in order to get the highest value for your home in the shortest amount of time possible, a lot of work has to be put into marketing and selling it. For us, putting the sign up is just the first step of many. With our unique skill set and experience in online marketing, we utilize dozens of outlets to market your home to as many potential buyers as possible.

But let’s back up. There’s a lot of strategy and planning that goes into marketing a home, before it ever hits the market.

1. Evaluating Your Home

The first step is evaluating your home. We will come to your home so you can show us around and give us a feel for the layout, style, and condition of the home. This will give us the information we need to do the market research explained in the next step.

2. In-depth Market Research

We will spend hours doing in-depth market research on comparable homes, and present all of the data to you in an easy-to-understand way that cuts through all of the marketing hype and real estate jargon. We know that you’re interested in one thing: how much money you can get for your home. And helping you figure that out is our job, not overwhelming you with a lot of unnecessary technical data and sales pitches.

3. Setting a Price

We’ll work with you to determine the highest possible price that’s realistic in the current market. Taking into account your needs and what your goals are, we will figure out the best way to meet those as quickly as we can.

4. The Marketing Strategy

We will develop a marketing campaign strategy specific to your home. Homes aren’t one-size fits all, and neither should their marketing be. Is your home perfect for empty-nesters who are downsizing? Then we’ll target our marketing to baby-boomers and local groups with a 55+ demographic. Is your home on several acres that are perfect for a horse or two? We’ll market to horse owners who live in the area. We determine your home’s most valuable features, and then use those to market it to the people who want it the most.

5. Optimizing Your Home

In online marketing, a huge amount of time is spent “optimizing” for the highest conversion rate. Why should it be any different with selling a home? We’ll help you figure out ways to make your home appealing to as many buyers as possible. Depending on your home’s condition and how much you want to do, that can be things as small as moving the couch to a different wall, to painting the front door, or maybe something as big as upgrading the kitchen countertops. It’s all up to you, but we believe you deserve to know the costs and benefits so you can make an informed decision. Our team includes professionals of all types that can help with whatever your home needs.

6. Putting Your Home on the Market

This is when everything starts. The sign goes in the yard, the email blasts get sent out, an open house is scheduled, the listing gets distributed to dozens of online marketplaces for homes. It’s time to sell, and that’s what we’re here to do.

7. The Marketing Campaign

Once your home is on the market, we start marketing your home EVERYWHERE. Our goal is to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

This is when you’ll need to be ready for potential buyers to start coming through to look at your home. We know that showing your home on a few hours notice isn’t very fun, but it will be worth the price when we’re sitting at the closing table. And we’ll do everything possible to make it a pleasant experience for you. You’ll have access to your own online dashboard where you can view, approve, or deny showing requests, or suggest a different time if the requested time doesn’t work for you.

8. A Buyer Places an Offer on Your Home

Once we get your home in front of the right buyer, they’re going to make an offer. We’ll help you evaluate the offer and determine how you want to respond and negotiate. Once both sides agree, we have a binding agreement.

9. The Under Contract Phase

This is the home stretch. The buyer and seller have agreed on terms, and are under a binding contract. During this time, the buyer and their lender will usually have a home inspection done, get the home appraised, and prepare for the closing.

10. SOLD

This is the goal we’ve been working so hard to reach. We’ll be with you at closing to help make sure everything goes smoothly and as planned. After closing, it’s time to party! We’ll take you to one of our favorite restaurants nearby to celebrate our victory together.

11. We Don’t Want It to End

You’ve sold your home, and our transaction is complete. But we don’t want our relationship to end just because we’re not selling a home for you. We want to be your real estate friends for life. We’ll be hosting fun events in the area that you and your family will be invited to. (Did someone say “Lake Day!”?)